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Dental Care in Canton, OH

Welcome to Minter Dentistry!

Dr. Nate Minter genuinely cares about his patients, and he strives to provide everyone with a professional experience. 

Dr. Minter delivers quality care in a comfortable manner while keeping the needs and expectations of his patients in mind. His office is known as a place of excellent general dentistry in Canton, OH.

Dentistry at Minter Dentistry

Helping Patients
Overcome Dental

 Visiting the dentist is not an easy thing for many people. Dr. Minter welcomes patients who feel anxious or apprehensive about their dental visit or treatment. From the moment they walk in the door, patients can expect to be treated with kindness and respect. Dr. Minter believes a person’s story is important and he works hard to listen and engage with people in order to create a custom dental plan.

Dentistry at Minter Dentistry

Sedation and
General Dentistry

Dr. Minter is recognized as one of the few dentists in Ohio who offers IV conscious sedation. This approach, along with oral and inhalation options, allow Minter Dentistry to offer comfortable and efficient delivery of all aspects of general dentistry including preventative care (exams, X-rays, cleanings), cosmetic dentistry (teeth whitening, composite bonding, dental veneers), functional dentistry (fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, implant restorations) and pain management (root canals, tooth extractions, emergency care).

Dentistry at Minter Dentistry

Care for all

As a dentist who treats people of all ages, Dr. Nate Minter shows genuine concern and compassion for his patients. He views the office as an unassuming space where people can share their concerns and overcome feelings of anxiety or uncertainty so they can attain a healthy mouth. Dr. Minter guides patients through the dental care process by creating a custom plan based on individual needs and expectations.

General Dentistry for a Healthier Mouth

Regardless of age or past history, Dr. Minter welcomes all patients who desire a quality dental experience in a clean and comfortable environment.

He uses modern technology to accurately assess dental needs and engages with patients to better understand their concerns and expectations. His goal is to partner with people to help them achieve a smile worth sharing.

Family and Sedation Dentistry