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Teeth Whitening in Canton, Ohio

Sometimes, a routine procedure can make a big cosmetic difference. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, consider the advantages of teeth whitening. Whitening your teeth is one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dental services at Minter Dentistry in Canton, Ohio.

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening, also known as teeth bleaching, is a non-invasive process that brightens and whitens the color of teeth. Through this routine procedure, teeth normally discolored or stained can become brighter and whiter, dramatically improving the appearance of a smile. It is one of the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective esthetic options available for boosting the appearance of teeth. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Teeth Whitening?

Anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their smile can whiten, but those with dark, discolored, or stained teeth and those who have never whitened before are particularly good candidates.  

In-Office Teeth Whitening and At-Home Teeth Whitening

Minter Dentistry offers three teeth whitening options: 

  • In-office teeth whitening: Teeth are whitened in one office appointment by directly applying the active ingredient to the teeth by the office staff. This is a great option for people who want a quick result under professional supervision and don’t wish to use whitening products at home. 
  • At-home teeth whitening: This option consists of a take-home whitening kit and offers patients the convenience of whitening their teeth at home.  This approach is gradual, requiring several applications over 1-2 weeks. 
  • On-the-go, touch-up Pen: This last option is a small, portable whitening pen that can be used directly on teeth by patients while on the go.  This option can be used quickly and conveniently anytime for minor touchups. 

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dental Whitening?

Whitening your teeth improves their appearance and enhances the aesthetics of a smile. Check out these other benefits:

  • Quick and painless, requiring no needles or anesthetic 
  • Is non-invasive:  no drilling on teeth or unnecessary removal of tooth structure, which can weaken teeth.
  • Inexpensive compared to other esthetic options like fillings, crowns, or veneers 
  • Can be completed in one in-office appointment with no uncomfortable recovery
  • Lasting results 

Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatments are relatively inexpensive cosmetic dental treatments. Contact our office to learn more about specific pricing!

Find a Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me

If you live in the Canton, Ohio, area, we encourage you to contact Minter Dentistry for professional teeth whitening. We can recommend a whitening approach that’s right for you and will explain the process to you thoroughly before we begin. Come experience high-quality dental care in a comfortable, clean, modern space at Minter Dentistry!