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Dental Exams in Canton, Ohio

Dental exams are an important part of preventative care.  They are necessary in order to diagnose dental disease and create custom treatment plans that address both chronic and acute problems. Keep reading to learn more about dental exams at Minter Dentistry in Canton, Ohio.

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What is a Dental Exam?

A routine dental exam is a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s oral health conducted by a dentist. During the exam, the dentist will look at the teeth, gums, and other structures in the mouth to check for any signs of disease or damage. The dentist will also assess the patient’s oral hygiene and consider what effect a person’s diet, behavior or medical history may have on the condition of the mouth.  Additionally, the dentist will often utilize x-rays or photos to get a better view of the structures within the mouth and to look for any problems not easily seen. A dental exam aims to identify early issues and provide the patient with the necessary treatments to maintain good oral health.

Why Do You Need a Dental Exam?

An important part of preventative dental care, routine dental exams aim to catch any issues early while they’re more easily fixed. Dental exams empower patients to make informed, proactive decisions about their oral health because dental problems left undiagnosed or untreated often deteriorate into more difficult, costly, or painful issues to fix. Dental exams also establish a baseline of health, a starting point to which future exams can be compared to. For example, a suspicious-looking area can provide a basis for comparison when checked again at the next exam.  

Dental exams are one aspect of your routine dental checkups, and we recommend you schedule a checkup twice a year. All new patients should have a dental exam so that an dental problems can be uncovered and addressed upfront.  Additionally, we encourage patients who are in pain or suspect an issue to schedule an emergent dental exam instead of waiting for their next routine exam so that we can take care of the issue quickly. 

What are the Different Types of Dental Exams?

As a preventive dentistry service, the most common type of dental exam is the regular exam you get at your dental checkup. The dentist examines your teeth, gums, and other structures of the mouth. There may be dental x-rays taken. A thorough dental cleaning usually accompanies this type of exam. 

An oral cancer screening is a component of a regular exam in which the head, neck, and inside of the mouth are checked for any abnormalities, such as lumps, lesions, or color changes, that could be signs of cancer. This is a quick examination and very gentle.

Lastly, a limited exam is a dental exam focused on one area of the mouth or on one tooth or teeth.  This exam is often accomplished in emergent situations where pain or trauma has occurred. This exam is relatively quick and designed to diagnose an acute problem and offer a solution to manage pain, eliminate a source of infection, or fix the damage. 

Why Go to Minter Dentistry for Your Next Dental Exam?

Conducting a thorough dental exam is extremely important in the oral health of a patient. The compassionate team at Minter Dentistry is adept at gathering all the necessary information to create custom treatment plans. Dr. Minter is experienced at spotting oral health problems and communicating possible solutions clearly.  The comfortable and competent care of all people is a top priority at Minter Dentistry. 

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